Enhance Your Document Security With the Right Printer

What does document security mean to you? For many it means little more than locking up a file drawer or remembering to shred confidential paperwork—but technology has changed the way businesses need to manage their documents. Keep your data safe by using the right equipment and the right practices, and avoid these mistakes.
Abandoning your documents.
Documents left behind in the output tray are a waste of resources, and can easily fall into the wrong hands. The right printer is equipped with user authentication software, which prevents the printing of documents until the user is at the printer and has entered a unique passcode.
Cutting corners.
It’s easier than ever to share information with colleagues, vendors, and clients, but without the proper safeguards in place your information may be intercepted by an unknown or unauthorized party. The next time you scan a document, make sure the printer you are using allows you to password protect your files for the utmost in document security.
Being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
There’s no better place to store your documents than the cloud for enhanced security, ease of collaboration, and cost savings. The problem is, most people save their files somewhere else first after scanning, whether on their desktop or local folder prior to uploading to the cloud. The breach in security occurs when the user forgets to delete files from their device, making them accessible to others. Choose a printer that automatically stores your files in the cloud to avoid this costly mistake.
Relying on others.
Employees who are working outside the office may try to save time by calling ahead to have a document printed and waiting when they arrive, but what may seem like an innocent practice can turn to disaster if the file is stored in […]

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Tips to Beat Procrastination at Work

We’ve all been there… that big deadline is coming up fast and you’ve got work to do. But nothing seems to be working. Maybe it’s a lack of focus or energy. Maybe you get started only to be plagued by interruptions and distractions around every corner.

Don’t panic! It happens to all of us. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to beat procrastination and get the job done on time! Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Find Your Focus – The best defence against procrastination is a good offence. Know your peak work times. Working when you’re most focused and naturally productive is the best way to get important jobs done. Knowing your peak periods allows you to take advantage of your natural work flow. Avoid setting meetings and distractions during your peak productive periods. Focus and go with the flow and you’ll get it done!
Forget Multitasking – It’s a myth! It’s impossible to do two things well at once. Turning your mental focus on and off is physically and mentally exhausting. Break complex tasks into smaller pieces and simple steps. Pick one, work on it until it’s complete without interruptions or distractions. Focus on each small task instead of the big picture.
Practice Discipline, Develop Routines and Delegate – Sometimes, especially with a deadline looming, work can seem overwhelming. To avoid procrastinating, develop healthy routines and practice discipline. Manage your time and delegate whenever possible. If you do delegate, make sure to leave plenty of time to follow-up.
Try to Make Boring Tasks Fun – When you’re a creative person, simple tasks can seem boring, but they still need to get done. Consider creating a game. Set a time limit […]

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How ConnectKey Can Help Protect Your Network from a Breach

Almost every day it seems like we’re hearing about another data breach.That’s why data security is crucial for every business. One area that is often overlooked are office print devices. Your multifunction printers can be a source of increased vulnerability if it’s not protected. Here are three ways ConnectKey technology from Xerox is addressing printer vulnerability.

Intrusion Protection – “Intrusive attacks” happen when a disgruntled employee on the inside, or an external hack breaches your network. Authenticating users can prevent unauthorized access. With ConnectKey, once identified and authenticated through a mobile device, key card or password, an audit trail is created. ConnectKey authentication intercepts and prevents external attacks from malicious software and prevents any attempt to install infected files.
Device Detection – If a hacker does gain access through ConnectKey’s authentication, a second layer of protection using McAfee built-in solutions monitors and protects unknown software from operating on your network. Any device automatically generates a report and these warnings can alert you to a breach allowing you to deploy counter-measures.
Document and Data Protection – The Internet is far from secure. Every piece of data passing through your network is vulnerable unless it is encrypted. Xerox devices encrypt data before it is moved anywhere on or off of your network. However even the best encryption can’t protect you from documents left on the printer tray. With ConnectKey, documents can be assigned a unique ID that corresponds to a device. Users can also use print-on-demand functionality that delays printing until a code is input at the device.

Data security is a critical component of conducting your business today. Simple practices along with a technological assist from Xerox ConnectKey can keep your documents, data and network safe […]

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How Going Digital Can Benefit Your SMB

Not everyone has been quick to embrace cloud technology for a variety of reasons: they don’t understand it, think going digital is too costly, or fail to see the benefits. The realities of going digital are quite different from the myths. Recent studies from AIIM show an above average return on investment for 50 percent of users within 12 months of going digital, and for 70 percent of users within 18 months. Additional benefits include faster response times, enhanced productivity and workflows, and improved records for compliance, or audit trails.
Too Small To Digitize?
In an environment where efficiency matters (the average office worker wastes up to six hours per week searching for documents!) going digital makes good financial sense.

Assuming that paper documents are impeccably maintained and filed, that still does little to provide access to those who are working remotely. By digitizing these documents, workers in and out of the office have safe, secure access to materials, increasing efficiency, and enhancing collaborative efforts. Here are three more ways that going digital can help improve your small business.

Accounts Payable. Digitized documents and processes in the accounting department allow you to quickly get a clear picture of how much you’re spending, and on what, identifying areas where you can save. You may be able to take advantage of early payment discounts to vendors by prescheduling payments for further savings.
Human Resources. Chances are the HR department of your small business is limited to one or two employees in charge of hiring, payroll, benefits, timekeeping and record keeping. Digital onboarding can save time and resources, by scanning documents to the cloud where they can be retrieved with the click of a button.
Mobile Workers. The trend of working outside the office is […]

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Tips to Increase Productivity on the Road

Before you head out on your next business trip here are some tips to ensure your success and allow you to focus on the task at hand:

Be secure. Prevent the loss or theft of valuable documents or data while on the road by digitizing and storing your information in the cloud before you leave, and removing sensitive files from your devices. Office365, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive are among the most popular collaboration and cloud storage services available, allowing any member of your team to access your stored information from any Internet-enabled device.
Pack it up. In addition to remembering to pack any devices you’ll need on the road, be sure to back their accessories to ensure they remain functional throughout the duration of your trip, including charging cords, batteries, cables, and more.
Take charge. Don’t wait until the last minute, or until you’re sitting at the airport, to charge your devices. By carrying a full charge at all times you’ll always be prepared, and appear more organized.
Timing is everything. Maximize your productivity by performing tasks while waiting for your flight and once on board. Catch up on reading, prepare your presentation, or check your email to relieve some of the pressure once you land.
Be choosy. Not every hotel is equipped for business travel, lacking the resources, space, or amenities you need such as free Wi-Fi, ample desk space, or a business center. Find a hotel chain that is accommodating and stick with them, making sure to enroll in their loyalty program to accumulate points and enjoy perks.
Tie up loose ends. Finish your paperwork before you leave, using the latest technology from Xerox® including the Xerox Mobile Link App which allows you […]

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A Guide for Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers, or MFPs, are standalone devices that perform a multitude of tasks, which may include any combination of copying, scanning, faxing and/or printing. Thanks to their compact size and affordability, they’ve become an increasingly popular choice among business owners who are looking for creative ways to consolidate their assets, while increasing productivity, enhancing workflow, and trimming expenses. As with any major acquisition, there are a number of factors to consider prior to making your final decision.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What are your particular needs? No two businesses are alike, so be sure to carefully consider your individual needs prior to purchase. Determine how many users will utilize the MFP each day, which functions they will need to perform, and whether or not any of them will need to be in colour.
What is the total cost of operation? The lease or purchase price is only a small part of the equation when it comes to the cost of an MFP. Factor in the cost of consumables such as toner and paper, and maintenance and repair costs.
Is the MFP user friendly? Enhance productivity with an MFP that is easy to use, easy to connect to your existing network, and offers easily accessible documentation and assistance.
What functions can it perform? As important as choosing an MFP with the right capabilities, is its ability to multitask, so that users can access the functions they need even while others are currently in use.
How secure is the device? Protect sensitive information with up to date, scale-able security that meets your needs and requirements.
What are the bi-directional communication capabilities? The key to ensuring your print network runs consistently and efficiently is through the timely access to accurate information by IT personnel and users. Job […]

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Want to Attract and Retain Talented Millennials? Here’s How!

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, are a unique generation. Unlike those that came before them, they’re not motivated by money. They seek out companies that they can believe in and the flexibility to work their way. They are focused, talented and are seeking a work/life balance in their lives.

If you’re having a hard time attracting and retaining Millennials, here are four ways to meet their needs and reap the benefits of their talents.

Offer Flexibility – Millennials are mostly looking for flexibility in the workplace. They’re seeking a good work/life balance and value their happiness more than financial gain. They are technically proficient and device oriented, but seek an open, creative, social work environment. They don’t do well in cubicles. If a task is clearly delineated and has a deadline, they want the freedom to do it their way, in the style and location they choose. To keep them motivated, focus less on the clock and more on the final result to keep them motivated, productive and happy.
The Want Personal and Professional Development – When it comes to their career, Millennials are looking for personal development even more than flexibility. They seek challenging assignments and are eager to move up…quickly. The average time on the job for Boomers is seven years, for Gen-Xers it’s five, but for Millennials it’s just two. They will not hesitate to change jobs if they feel they’re not receiving enough personal growth.
Don’t Manage… Mentor! – Millennials aren’t interested in being managed as much as being mentored. The right balance gives them the freedom to express themselves and gives them the guidance and growth they seek. Studies have shown that Millennials who are mentored rather than simply managed […]

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Enhance Your Business with a New Xerox Workplace Assistant

The face of business has changed thanks to wireless technology, enhancing the connectivity and mobility of workers. Whether your business is big or small, Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printers and MFPs can help to streamline a number of business processes, increase productivity, and propel your business ahead of the competition.

Xerox VersaLink

19 new printers and MFPs
Designed for small to medium sized businesses and workgroups
Easy setup
Choose from black and white or color devices
Work anytime, from anywhere, with any Internet enabled device
Intuitive workflows
Customizable tablet-like interface

Xerox AltaLink

10 new MFPs
Designed for medium to large businesses and workgroups
Advanced finishing options
Flexible, versatile, high volume MFPs that grow along with your business
Enhanced, multi-layered security features
A3 colour and monochrome devices

Both of these new series reflect the changing needs of today’s workforce, with a consistent, customizable experience, personalized workflows, and easy, one-touch access to a variety of cloud-based apps.

Features and Benefits 

The new touch screen interface has the look and feel of a tablet or smartphone for easy navigation, personalization and versatility along with easy access to a number of apps designed to enhance and boost productivity at the touch of a button. Additional benefits include:

Cloud connectivity. Your new workplace assistant allows you to manage your work anywhere, anytime, to download, print, scan, share, and more, using Dropbox, Office365, or Google Drive.
Enhanced security. Multi-layered security protects users from unauthorized device access with data encryption and image overwrite, for confidential communications and protection from hackers and thieves.
Streamlined business processes. Custom tailored workflows help to maximize your organizational workflow according to your needs and preferences.

This latest offering of workplace assistants from Xerox can help transform your print environment from ordinary to extraordinary, using smart app technology, easy […]

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Plan for a Paperless Office

Nearly 50 percent of all printed material winds up in the trash or recycle bin by the day’s end. Globally, this amounts to more than one trillion wasted sheets of paper each year, furthering the argument for a paperless office environment. While office workers continue to rely on paper for everything from invoicing to record keeping, a number of these processes can be performed more securely, efficiently, and less expensively in a digital format.

If you’ve been considering reducing or eliminating paper usage in your organization, now is a great time. With innovative cloud and software solutions, going paperless is easier than ever before, but it does take time. Here is a list of steps to consider when planning out your strategy.

Move to the cloud. Store and share data between coworkers, clients, and vendors using cloud based applications.
Get back on track. Calculate your potential savings by tracking your current print volumes. A Managed Print Services provider can help with print audit software that can provide accurate, detailed reporting on print jobs by user or department; or you can manually record volumes using the meters on your print equipment.
Bank online. All major banks allow you to view your statements, pay bills, and perform a number of other common transactions online, eliminating the need for paper statements.
Live in the present. Do away with outdated technology, such as fax machines, but if you must use them implement software which lets you send and receive faxes electronically, lowering costs and paper usage.
Sign of the times. Electronically signed documents are a legally binding alternative to inked agreements in most countries.
Start today. Once you decide to go paperless, scan all incoming, relevant correspondence, routing them to the required destination.
Get employees onboard. Employees […]

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The Benefits of Managed Print Services for Legal Firms

The legal industry depends on paper in order to function. Experts estimate that approximately one to three percent of annual revenues are spent on printing, with about 30 percent of that number going towards maintenance and toner.
The truth is many legal firms are not aware of the total cost of operation (TCO) of their print environment. The piecemeal approach to purchasing equipment and supplies is partly to blame. Add the difference in costs for different devices and you can see how difficult it is to reach a TCO number.
Managed Print Services (MPS) can help. MPS is an effective solution for controlling print costs in the legal industry by improving document workflows and printing processes. Here’s how:
Assessment and Consolidation
An MPS relationship starts with an assessment and inventory of equipment, supplies and vendors. Once inventory is established, changes can be implemented including the elimination or replacement of devices that can help streamline document workflows.
Ergonomics: Printer Placement
Firms often use multiple copy rooms or stations, which may not be convenient for all employees. In addition, lost time spent waiting for a machine that is in use copying large volumes costs not only time, but also money. An MPS provider can analyze workflows to move devices to where they are needed most, freeing resources in high traffic areas.
Challenges and Solutions
Law firms today face many challenges like maximizing billable hours, budgeting, disaster planning and recovery, and regulatory compliance to name just a few. MPS offers solutions to these challenges. Implementing a digital document management system can improve search, save time, improve security and make compliance easier. MPS can put these systems in place and protect it all with security features like swipe key access and a secure audit trail.
The Benefits of MPS
Through better management of resources, digitization and […]

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